Overall Length 1500 mm
Overall width 530 mm
Overall height 550 mm
Fork length 1125 mm
Admit between forks 210 mm
Lowered height 90 mm
Lifted height 190 mm

1. Nylon Wheels
2. Extra fork length & width
3. Palletised body
4. Drum handling or special mountings

About Us

NANDI hydraulic pallet truck is one of the quality products of EXPERT EQUIPMENTS. NANDI is scientifically designed to optimise the function with minimum human efforts and hence a proof of technological excellence and reliability.

Main body is designed and manufactured for maximum load bearing capacity, yet minimum dead - weight from cold rolled / formed sections. NANDI Hydraulic pallet truck is the first and best hydraulic pallet truck manufactured in India with cartridge type of valves and hand lever controls. The full hydraulic system is with stationary seals avoiding conventional synthetic rubber moving seals. Wheels are fitted fitted with heavy duty ball bearing. All moving components are precisely manufactured for maximum dust - protection and fitted with bearings and grease nipples. 250 degree steering facility to make NANDI highly maneuverable in confined areas.